Investment researchers use natural language processing to analyse large amounts of data to improve value to stakeholders

Data can be powerful in changing negative stories that inhibit society’s progress … here’s how to take control of your narrative

3 ways in which AI is being used to measure biodiversity loss and help conservation efforts towards restoration and rehabilitation

SDGs linked to conservation and biodiversity (Photos © Sayuri Moodliar)

Technological advances enable robots and drones to pollinate plants — but what does this mean for insect biodiversity?

Honeybee with pollen on Aloe arborescens flower

Bees are the…

How distributed ledger technology helps the UN to provide quicker and safer options for refugees to obtain food

Concerned about ethics? Ask yourself these questions when using consumer data to drive online purchases and views

Should businesses take ethics into account when making online recommendations? (Photo © Sayuri Moodliar)

Can the psychology behind recommendation engines and online purchases help us to build better models?

What is the purpose of online recommendations? (Image © Sayuri Moodliar)

Despite knowing how recommendation algorithms work, I often find myself asking, ‘What were they thinking?’ And I am sure that many…

3 lessons learned from creating chatbots for enhanced customer experience

Reflections on my evolution from international tax lawyer to environmental data scientist

Greenwashing your corporate behaviour may turn your sustainability narrative into a horror story

Sayuri Moodliar

Writer, explorer and lifelong learner

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